Abbey Road, Las Vegas

Watch as this young but snappy-dressed little town gets a particularly strange strain of Beatle fever:

An independent documentary showcasing the most listened-to e-radio/podcast in Las Vegas, The Rocking Comedy Show, as Crazy Jay hosts the 50th Anniversary of the only time the Beatles ever played Vegas as a complete group. Antics perpetuate throughout, culminating with celeb impersonators Tom Daw (Larry the Cable Guy) and Drew Lepkowski (Pee Wee Herman) doing their ice bucket challenge as highly-unlikely friends united for ALS. (more:…) Event Organizer Paul Casey performs with incredible authenticity on the roof of the El Cortez, in front of which a crosswalk has been memorialized as Abbey Road Crossing, which crosses Fremont between the neon diamond sculpture and the enormous rotating neon shoe. King Darius Stoned and Jennifer Wilson co-host as 4 of the best acoustic performers in town demonstrate truly refreshing new takes on some unexpected and legendary Beatles favorites. Jefferson Montoya, Richard Cooper, James Sinor (also in the title credits) and “America’s Got Talent” finalist, Squeezebox Hero take the stage as this documentary showcases their greatest moments.

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