Dana Dau & Ang Kerfoot – Live @ Hardhat

with HD audio

Live from Brain Jelly on the Bus II at the Hard Hat Lounge in Las Vegas NV, this is Dana Dau & Ang Kerfoot. HD Mastered Board Audio and #GoPro Video (Hero 3 White upper, Hero 1 lower) by Joseph Anthony Wozniak for Night Stories (http://nightstories.us) and http://fccmusic.com

Songs not included in this video are on an even-better video with the same audio here:http://youtu.be/boNsmXuqwPQ courtesy Monica Sterling

Complete Setlist:
01 Electronic Electronics (0:27)
02 State Of The Greed (5:18)
03 Take A Seat (not shown, see video link above)
04 Looking For Love (not shown, see video link above)
05 Real Time (not shown, see video link above)
06 Velveteen Dreams (9:57)
07 She Want The Keys (14:57)