Night Stories #7

Exclusive overview of Brain Jelly on the Bus II @ Hardhat Lounge

Witness exclusive journalism of a legendary night of universally-likable music. Anyone with a pulse could catch a heartbreak at some point throughout this talent-crammed evening. You may have missed Brain Jelly on the Bus II @ Hardhat Lounge in Las Vegas, August 9th, 2014, but this is your chance to get caught up on the legit local showcase that took place. Check out this sample pack video and pick your faves, check them out further, and for other great artists that performed this night who were unable to be in this video but also hella rule, click confidently on the links below:
Hassan Hamilton interviewed:
Dana Dau & Ang Kerfoot full set:
Kyle Jones full set:
Kella Bo Bella full set:
Tarah Grace full set:
Hannibal Hambone the Rifleman:
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with and Naked City Audio recording studio.
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